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Whether you're new to manifesting or seeking to enhance your existing practice, this guide for women offers valuable insights, knowledge, and techniques to step into the self-image of a Confident Manifester. Learn how to in this 15+ page downloadable guidebook.

Your Step-by-Step Blueprint to Attract and Manifest Your Desires with the Magic of Your Self-Image, the Universe and a Personalized Action Plan!

What You Get:

  • 15+ page interactive workbook (fillable on computer)
  • Exploring the Law of Attraction
  • Develop the Self-Image of a Confident Manifester
  • Dynamic Traits of a Confident Manifester
  • Self-Image and Manifesting
  • Shape Your Destiny
  • Cultivating a Magnetic Self-Image
  • Let’s Manifest: Step by Step Guide to Manifesting
  • Personal Action Plan: Become A Confident Manifester (interactive)

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